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Smiths Station was first settled in 1738. The Central of Georgia Railway was extended through the community from Columbus, Georgia to Opelika, Alabama in 1845. The depot was named for Broadus Smith, a prominent early settler who lived near the city’s current location.

Smiths Station was officially incorporated on June 22, 2001.

Historical Commission

The City of Smiths Station’s Historical Commission was established in 2018.  The purpose of the commission is to preserve our local history.  Their first project was the Jones Grocery Store.  The building was donated to the City in 2016 and placed at its current location on Lee Road 298 (Mullin Road), adjacent to the government center campus, in 2017.  City leaders, staff, and commissioners worked to get it restored and is now a history museum for Smiths Station.  The museum opened in July of 2019 and has had hundreds of people visit.

Historical Commission Members:

Morgan Bryce, Secretary

Susan Lansdon

Tony Courson

Barbara Jess

Jean Lowther

Rosie McCoy

Fannie Lamar

LaFaye Dellinger, Supernumerary

Jackie Henderson Long



Historic Jones Store Museum