The City of Smiths Station Business License renewals are due January 1 and delinquent after January 31 each calendar year. Insurance Company Business License renewals are delinquent after March 1. Delinquent license renewals shall be assessed a penalty of fifteen percent (15%) of the amount due.

Business Licenses can only be obtained through Avenu Insights and Analytics.

Be prepared for the following:

  • A separate business license is required for each physical location within the city limits.
  • Business licenses will not be processed until full payment is received by Avenu.
  • A complete list of suppliers, vendors, and sub-contractors along with their addresses is required.
  • You must provide the number of employees who work for your business inside the corporate limits of Smiths Station.
  • You will need your State of Alabama License if applicable; i.e., General Contractor, Home Builder, Roofer, Professional Certification or License, Occupational, Chain Store, Store License, or any other documents that may be required by the State of Alabama that applies to your business.
  • Complete all City required permits, i.e. Sign Permit, Home Occupation, etc.

All Business License fees, including State and Federal Regulated Businesses will be assessed and calculated according to Section 23 (License Fee Schedule) of the Business License Ordinance (Ordinance 2020-174).

The Business License year begins annually on January 01 and ends December 31. Once you have received your license, you are required by State Law to post it in public view. If you are no longer doing business in the City of Smiths Station, write “Business Closed”, please notify Avenu no later than January 31st of the current year.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ACT 2011-535: Per Act 2011-535, commonly referred to as the Immigration Act, proof of citizenship must be provided for all businesses owned by individuals or general partnerships prior to the issuance of a license. Applicants must prove U.S. citizenship by submitting a copy of driver’s license or other acceptable documents. For a list of additional acceptable documentation, please contact Avenu.


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