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City Of Smiths Station to Enforce Municipal Codes

SMITHS STATION, AL – Effective September 1, 2017, The City of Smiths Station in partnership with the Lee County Sheriffs Department, will begin providing the citizens living within the boundaries of the corporate limits, with enhanced enforcement in regard to specific municipal violations.

City codes

“We’ve been a City now for 16 years,” said Mayor Bubba Copeland. “It’s time for us to hold everyone accountable for the ordinances that the former and current administration have put into place to protect the public health and welfare of our citizens,” he said. The City currently employs one code enforcement officer whose job involves investigations and providing notices of violation to bring business and residential property owners into compliance. “We’ve been somewhat successful with the current procedures. Unfortunately there are just some who refuse to comply and that’s not fair to those who do,” the Mayor said. The contract with the Sherriff department will be strictly for municipal ordinance violations such as inoperable vehicles, solid waste, business licenses and abandoned structures. Depending on the procedures written within the specific ordinance, those refusing to comply with City laws will receive a misdemeanor citation to include fines and if warranted, a day in court before the County’s District Judge. “We will hold court at the Smiths Station Government Center, said City Clerk Scott Johnston. “It will not be Municipal Court because the City is not in the position to have its own municipal court right now. For the time being, the plan is to hold court at least once per month,” he stated. The Lee County Sherriff s Department will continue to provide general enforcement for traffic and other county violations within the City.

The Mayor is encouraging all citizens to review all of the City’s municipal codes. “Every ordinance is posted on the website,” the Mayor said.


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