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trick or treat

Please be cautious and mindful of safety on Halloween Night!

Please be safe on Halloween night. A few reminders about Trick or Treating Safety!

A child under the age of 12 should be be accompanied by a parent

Remind your child to look for cars when crossing streets and driveways

Go trick-or-treating before dark. Trick or Treating hours in Smiths Station are 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time

If you are out driving around during Trick or Treating hours, drive slower and watch for children who may dart out; if you see one coming, there are probably more right behind that one

Use your hazard lights if you are driving trick or treaters around through a neighborhood; have them exit the vehicle in a spot where they do not have to cross the road

Please be cautious and mindful of safety on Halloween Night!

~Happy Trick or Treating from the City of Smiths Station~


Smiths Station City Council presents proclamation and plaque in honor of Shirley Bolt

Mayor Bubba Copeland and members of the Smiths Station City Council presented a proclamation bolt familyand plaque in honor of Shirley Bolt during tonight’s city council meeting. Bolt was a longtime member of the City of Smiths Station’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.
“Please know that her passing will leave a hole in what we represent,” Copeland said to Bolt’s daughter Marie Griffin. “She was a firecracker. I know that you guys will carry on her legacy.”
“She was always an inspiration to me, she always said what was on her mind and was very respectful in the process. We appreciate her service to the city,” said Place 2 Councilman Morris Jackson.

Following is the City of Smiths Station’s proclamation to the Bolt family:

“Whereas, on behalf of the City of Smiths Station, we wish to extend our sincere condolences over the passing of Shirley Bolt; and

Whereas Shirley’s death leaves our community with a deep feeling of sorrow for the loss of such an honored and respected citizen; and

Whereas, Shirley served this community in various capacities, including the Zoning Board of Adjustment; and

Whereas Shirley earned the respect, admiration, high regard of all whom she came into contact with; and

Whereas the City of Smiths Station is deeply indebted to Shirley as well as Shirley’s Accounting for their service to the city; and

Whereas, in recognition of Shirley Bolt’s many contributions to our city and its citizens, we hereby express our deep appreciation for her dedication to the progress of the City of Smiths Station and extend to her family our sincere sympathy upon her passing;

Now, therefore, by virtue of authority vested in me, I, the honorable F.L. “Bubba” Copeland, Mayor and behalf of the City Council of the City of Smiths Station, do hereby find it an honor and distinct pleasure to present this proclamation on the Twenty Third day of October Two Thousand Eighteen to the family of Shirley Bolt.”